Knotty Pleasures is a one-man woodworking shop that specializes in wood turning and local woods from the North Texas region.

I started Knotty Pleasures in late 2020 when I saw some pictures of things and thought to myself, “I can make that!” I have a bad habit of doing that…

Since that fateful moment in buying my first lathe I’ve succeeded in replicating the items that made we want to try wood turning and I’ve branched out into plenty of other shapes.

One thing that I set out to do with Knotty Pleasures is to build sustainable wood items by using wood that would have ultimately been destined for the landfill whenever possible.

I look forward to expanding from bowls, vases, and smaller “art objects” to other items of use (like small custom furniture) as my skills and passion for woodworking continue to grow.

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