Privacy Policy

Let’s face it, nobody likes their information to be used when they least expect it. So to put it quite simply: I respect that, and wouldn’t use your information in any way that I wouldn’t want mine to be used.

Obviously, if you want to make a purchase, you’ll need to share some basics so I can ship you your purchase, as well as your credit card (Shakespeare’s got to get paid you know), but that’s it. Your personal information will be used for orders, and maybe an occasional email from me. That’s it though. Everything is stored securely and transmitted through HTTPS, so you know it’s safe. You payment information goes directly to Stripe for processing, and is never stored by, or any of the other domains run under the ERCubed umbrella.

Cookies? While they’re honestly better for eating, this site does use them. They’re used for standard e-commerce and personalization, as well as analytics tracking. That’s all.