The Man Band-Aid

The Man-Aide (TM): A concoction of paper towels, super glue, and duct tape that covers any non-life-threatening wound.

Mainly used to stop the bleeding and still continue working when the bleeding is enough that if you go inside for a real band-aid your wife is going to tell you that you’re done woodturning for the day…

Curious what happened? It’s quite simple really. I was working on finishing up a live edge piece. I was in the sanding stages and one of the corners of the piece of wood caught the sandpaper. The problem was that I didn’t let go in time and it pulled my hand into the piece. Let me tell you, your hand slamming into a piece of bois d’arc wood spinning at 1400 rpm isn’t very pleasant.

Of course, I didn’t want to stop. So what did I do? Yep, I made a homemade band-aid. Well, first I stopped the bleeding. Then I made the Man-aide.

I hope you didn’t want pictures of the actual wound. Yuck!

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