Bowls for the Whole Family

Not that long ago my wife and I were on one of our road trips. One of the stops was to spend a few days with family celebrating an anniversary milestone for my Aunt and Uncle. While we were there I inquired about taking a few pieces of firewood back home with us.

For better or for worse, that firewood sat in my backyard for too long while I thought about what to do. Let’s face it, I make bowls. It’s all I’m equipped to really make right now. What else am I going to make? So I finally got off my duff and made some bowls. One for my aunt and uncle, and one for each of my cousins.

Each one was a little different, but that’s the fun of it. Better still, I was able to get them all shipped off before Christmas, so everyone had a fun little something from the “homestead.”

Probably my favorite of the bunch. It still has the chainsaw mark.

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