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Custom Mortar and Pestle

I’ve had a few commissions now, and I must say that so far, this one has been my favorite, in both request, and result. The Back Story An extended family member completed their pharmacist license and their parents wanted to give them something to commemorate the occasion. I was thrilled to say yes, after all, […]

Video Time

As part of my company’s Geek Out Day 2021, where we’re encouraged to share something that makes us “geek out”, I decided to take the opportunity to not only make my first woodturning video for the channel but to learn a little about video editing as well as find out what camera angles might work […]

Bowl Explosion

One thing I was warned about by the salespeople at Rockler when I bought the lathe (and reinforced through numerous videos on YouTube) was when your item on the lathe “explodes”. I thought it was an odd term, but as I’ve found out, it’s an accurate term. It’s one thing if you do not have […]

First Bowl

I’ve never been one to start slowly, so why should learning the lathe be any different? I had the tools, the will, and some basic know-how. I also had the safety equipment and have been around power tools and sharp objects long enough to know how to not injure myself. At least not too much… […]