Exploded Bowl Epoxy Repair

Remember my exploded bowl and lessons learned? Well, here are a few pictures to help explain it.

I mixed in some blue Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment with clear 1-minute epoxy and went to town on the edges of the exploded bowl to put them back together.

You can see a fine vertical blue line here, with a little jog around the pith by the rim. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Guess again…

The same crack on the inside of the bowl never really lined up well, so I ended up having to turn and sand away a lot of excess epoxy. While the seam is relatively smooth to run your fingers over now, it just doesn’t look pretty to me from this side. Add in the blue puddle in the center which fills the bigger hole that I made and it really starts to look ugly in my opinion.

Since the bowl dried a little after I repaired it the other side has actually split in the middle of the epoxy repair, so the bowl isn’t even fit to hold anything anymore.

While it was a good learning experience, I’m thinking this one is truly meant to be a piece of artisan firewood at this point.

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