Video Time

As part of my company’s Geek Out Day 2021, where we’re encouraged to share something that makes us “geek out”, I decided to take the opportunity to not only make my first woodturning video for the channel but to learn a little about video editing as well as find out what camera angles might work […]

Creating New Tools

Somewhere, at some point, I saw where another wood turner created some of their own custom tools. As per usual, I decided that I could do that too. Notice I said “could” and not “should” here. Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way… I know that I need carbide or high-speed steel for sharpness […]

Thanks, Facebook

This isn’t directly related to woodturning, but it is related to the branding I’m working on building up. You see, Facebook apparently thinks that PLEASURES is a naughty word… So thanks, Facebook, I can’t have a username for my business that is my business name… After some finagling, I was able to find a username […]

Bowl Explosion

One thing I was warned about by the salespeople at Rockler when I bought the lathe (and reinforced through numerous videos on YouTube) was when your item on the lathe “explodes”. I thought it was an odd term, but as I’ve found out, it’s an accurate term. It’s one thing if you do not have […]

Got Wood?

It’s funny how you can see fallen trees and other huge piles of wood on the side of the backroads all the time. At least until you buy a lathe and realize that it’s a great source of free material. Fortunately, I was able to find some of this fine free wood nearby where they’re […]