Bois D’Arc and Shell Coaster


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I got a little excited on this one and ended up putting a hole in the center of this shallow bowl. Instead of just giving up I took it as a challenge to try and salvage it as something different. Hence, this multimedia “art piece” with a partial live edge of the bark.

In the center is a portion of a Galveston Bay oyster shell that has been epoxied into place. Sanding the epoxy has given it a diffused look as though the shell is under some cloudy water. The bottom is still rough as the shell became flakier as it became thinner. The exposed shell has been coated with super glue to keep it from falling apart on your table if you bump it.

It’s a perfect piece to use as a coaster for a coffee mug, or even as a wine coaster at your dinner table.

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in



Bees Wax

Wood Type


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